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All Cornwall Thunders at My Door: A Biography of Charles Causley

Laurence Green
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Hunters in the Snow

D. M. Thomas
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Dead Woman Walking

Jessica Mann
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The Fifties Mystique by Jessica Mann (2013-07-09)

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Shut Away!: My Early Days Fishing out of Newquay and Things in General 'Down Quay' by Rod Lyon (2012-03-03)

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Gathering the Fragments: The Selected Essays of a Groundbreaking Historian by Charles Thomas (2012-03-22)

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Historical Descriptions of Camborne by Chris Bond (2013-06-27)

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Following 'An Gof': Leonard Truran, Cornish Activist and Publisher by Derek R. Williams (2014-07-01)

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Cornwall's Historical Wars: A Brief Introduction by Rod Lyon (2012-09-08)

Rod Lyon
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Dowsing: With an Account of Some Original Experiments by Thomas Fiddick (2013-08-27)

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