FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


How can I buy a book, DVD, CD or game?

BookButler is a price comparison service for books, movies, music and games and not a store. We compare the prices, availability and delivery cost from a wide range of stores and help you find the best deals. After you have found the item you are looking for, click on "Compare Prices" or the item cover and you will see a list of stores that are selling the item. When you click on the "View" or "Store" button in the comparison table, you are forwarded to the store of your choice where you can order the item.

I can't find what I'm looking for. Do you have any advice?

Our search data is organized in catalogs. If your search by Keyword, Title, Author, Publisher or ISBN was not successful, try one of the other catalogs.

Your site looks like a Christmas tree. Can I disable all these animations?

Yes, you can disable all the gliders and effects in preferences. Check out the Options section of this FAQ.


What does the "Search By" field do?

This field allows you to tune your search, if you know the title, or some of it, change "Search By" to Title.

How does changing the "Catalog" field affect my results?

We try to select the correct catalog for you upon arrival, we provide the option to change catalog so you can search for foreign items.

How does changing the "Shipping To" field affect my results?

Providing the correct shipping destination will give us the best chance of providing the correct shipping price for an item during comparison.

How does changing the "Currency" field affect my results?

All prices in a currency different from your preferred currency will be converted to your preferred currency, both on search and in the comparison table.

Why is your search limited to 10 pages?

We use external sources for most of the bibliographic data and our main provider has this limitation currently. We will have a solution to this problem in the not-so-distant future.

Why can't I search by keyword or title?

The Netherlands catalog supports searching only by ISBN and EAN, the interface updates automatically to reflect these restrictions.

Why do some products have a "Amazon Comparison" link instead of "Compare Prices" link?

We need an ISBN, EAN or UPC to initiate a global comparison. Some products only have an ASIN, which is an identification system unique to Amazon. The comparison for such items include only Amazon and Amazon markplace results.


Why are the prices you display incorrect?

We convert all prices we display into your preferred currency. Due to fluctuations associated with currency exchange inaccuracy is possible. Converted prices are always accompanied by a tooltip providing the exchange rate and price in the original currency.

Which stores are included in the price comparison?

Please visit the Stores page for an up to date list of the stores included in the price comparison.

What is the difference between a store and a marketplace?

A marketplace allows 3rd parties; individuals or other businesses, to offer their own stock, while a store holds items in stock themselves. You can view marketplace offers separately in the Market tab.

What is the number underneath an offer's condition?

When a marketplace allows us to collect more than one offer during a comparison we show the cheapest offer. These links provide a way to view all the offers collected from a marketplace. Please note we are currently unable to provide these links for Amazon Marketplaces due to Amazon's technical restrictions and concerns over reliability.

Why are some prices blue?

The prices in blue are prices that have been converted to your preferred currency. If you wish to see the price in the original currency just hover over the value and a tooltip with the price and exchange rate will be displayed. You can also use the Original currency option in the Update box to see all prices in their original currencies.

Why do some shipping prices have "~" in front of them?

We use "~" to indicate that a shipping price is estimated when it's not technically possible to retrieve the real delivery cost. This happens rarely, but is possible for some marketplaces where the shipping varies across merchants. For example, for BookLooker.de we can provide the real shipping price to Germany, Switzerland and Austria only, while for the rest of the destinations we use an estimated value based on the fixed rates listed on their site.

Why does some information have a blue background?

Hovering over these items will show any additional information we collect while conducting the comparison in a tooltip. For example, the condition tooltip will sometimes contain a detailed description of an item's condition, while the store tooltip might contain information such as the name, location or rating of the merchant offering the item.

What is the purpose of the compact tab?

The compact tab offers a simplified view of the table and helps you view more results without scrollimg. It can be especially useful to users with low resolution screens. It can be set as default tab in preferences.


How can I change how BookButler works for me?

The basic options cover the forms you see on every search and comparison page, we try to detect and maintain these preferences for you.

How can I change what or how the page displays when searching for products?

These options allow you to control how and what we display while you are searching for a product, and can only be enabled and disabled in the Search tab on the Options page

How can I change what or how the page displays when searching for prices?

You can disable all the unnecessary content on the comparison page if you wish. You can also choose which tab we display by default. For more advanced features look in the advanced tab.

My device won't load your comparison page, is there anything I can do?

In the persuit of beauty and speed we have used some web technology that some devices may have difficulties running. If your experience is less than you expect you can disable some of the animations on the comparison page, and the animated clouds all over the site. If this doesn't help, please use the contact form, we'll be more than happy to provide assistance.

Is there anything else I can change about BookButler?

Of course! You can choose your language, preferred cover size, apply global filters to product searches, choose which shops to include in price searches, and which tabs to display on price searches in the Advanced Options tab.

Product Specific

How do I search for an audio book?

To search for an audio book, include [CD] in a book title search: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone [CD]

How do I search for an audio DVD?

To search for an audio DVD, include [DVD] in a music title search: U2 [DVD]

How do I search for Blu-Ray media?

To find a Blu-Ray release, include the text [Blu-Ray] in a movie title search: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone [Blu-Ray]

How do I search for games for my console?

To find games or accessories for your console, include your console in a game title search: World at War [Wii]

How do I search for Vinyl?

To search for Vinyl, include [Vinyl] in a music title search: Micheal Jackson [Vinyl]

How do I search for Scores?

To search for a Musical or Instrumental score, try including [Score] in a book title search: Mozart [Score]