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56 Songs You Like To Sing

G. Schirmer
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Keyboard harmony;: A practical application of music theory, including the study of melody harmonization, broken chords and arpeggios, modulation and improvisation,

George Anson Wedge
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Alt-Wein, Triakontameron No. 11

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Pinto: Scenas Infantis (Memories of Childhood)

Octavio Pinto
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Suite of Eight Dances for the Harp, Seguidilla, Carlos Salzedo

Carlos Salzedo
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Exercises in melody-writing;: A systematic course of melodic composition designed for the use of young music students, chiefly as a course of exercise collateral with the study of harmony,

Percy Goetschius
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Beethoven Thirty-Two Variations On An Original Theme In C Minor Vol 1511

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Practical Instrumentation For School, Popular And Symphony Orchestras

Frank Patterson (
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Scale Studies For The Violin by Johann Hrimaly


Schirmers Library of Musical Classics Vol. 1305 Mozart Nineteen Sonatas for the Piano Book 1

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