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J. S. Bach CHORAL WORKS: THE CHRISTMAS ORATORIO (In English), for Chorus, Soli and Orchestra, (Translated and Adapted by the Rev. J. Troutbeck, D. D. From Original German Text of St. Luke II: 1-21 and St. Matthew II: 1-12 (Vocal Score)

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Suite of Eight Dances for the Harp, Seguidilla, Carlos Salzedo

Carlos Salzedo
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Beethoven Thirty-Two Variations On An Original Theme In C Minor Vol 1511

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Scale Studies For The Violin by Johann Hrimaly

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(2 Copies) Sonata No. 3 in C Major K545 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Richard Epstein

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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Chopin, Miscellaneous Compositions: Complete Works for the Piano Book XII (Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics, Vol. 1555)

Frederic Chopin
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Keyboard harmony;: A practical application of music theory, including the study of melody harmonization, broken chords and arpeggios, modulation and improvisation,

George Anson Wedge
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Solo and Duet Books for the Piano: First Duet Book (The Diller-Quaile Series)

Angela DillerElizabeth Quaile
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The modern technique of violin bowing;: An analysis of the principles of modern bowing, and how to apply them to musical interpretation (with many exercises and examples)

Harold Berkley
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Mendelssohn: Concerto In G Minor For The Piano Op. 25 (Schirmer's Library Of Musical Classics Vol 61)

Adolf Ruthardt (Arranger)
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