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1. ISBN 0824822714 Zoom

Weavers of Song: Polynesian Music and Dance

Mervyn McLean
2. ISBN 1869403061 Zoom

To Tatau Waka: In Search of Maori Music

Mervyn McLean
3. ISBN 1595265961 Zoom

Pioneers of Ethnomusicology

Mervyn McLean
4. ISBN 1869401441 Zoom

Maori Music

Mervyn McLean
5. ISBN 1869403142 Zoom

Traditional Songs of the Maori

Mervyn McLeanMargaret Orbell
6. ISBN 1869402588 Zoom

Songs of Kaumatua: Traditional Songs of the Maori as Sung by Kino Hughes

Dr. Mervyn McLeanDr. Margaret Orbell
7. ISBN 0521032059 Zoom

Tikopia Songs: Poetic and Musical Art of a Polynesian People of the Solomon Islands (Cambridge Studies in Oral and Literate Culture)

Raymond Firth
8. ISBN 9980680245 Zoom

Diffusion of musical instruments and their relation to language migrations in New Guinea (Kulele, occasional papers on Pacific music and dance)

Mervyn McLean
9. ASIN B000UE23LK

Incest Prohibitions in Micronesia and Polynesia (The Journal of the Polynesian Society, Volume 85, Number 2, June 1976)

10. ISBN 0899900739 Zoom

An Annotated Bibliography of Oceanic Music and Dance (DETROIT STUDIES IN MUSIC BIBLIOGRAPHY)

Mervyn McLean
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