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Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician

Christoph Wolff
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The New Bach Reader: A Life of Johann Sebastian Bach in Letters and Documents

Christoph Wolff
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Mozart at the Gateway to His Fortune: Serving the Emperor, 1788-1791

Christoph Wolff
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Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician

Christoph Wolff
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The Organs of J.S. Bach: A Handbook

Christoph WolffMarkus Zepf
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The World of the Bach Cantatas: Early Selected Cantatas

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Bach: Essays on His Life and Music

Christoph Wolff
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Mozart's Requiem: Historical and Analytical Studies, Documents, Score

Christoph Wolff
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Early Music : J. S. Bach Tercentenary Issue : French Influence in Bach's Instrumental Music; J. P. Kellner Copy of Bach's Sonatas; Bach's Debut at Leipzig Genesis of Cantatas 75 & 76; Evidence of the Orgelbuchlein; Bach's Music in France

Christoph WolffRobert L. MarshallHans-Joachim SchulzeGeorge StaufferRussell StinsonStephen A. CristRobin A. Leaver
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Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 (Fourth Part of the Clavier Übung) [Bärenreiter]

Johann Sebastian Bach
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