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War Of The Worlds - Dvd [1953]


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The Day the Earth Stood Still [DVD] [1951]

Actors: Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Sam Jaffe, Billy Gray
Director: Robert Wise
Format: DVD
Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Released: 17 April 2019
Rank: 6160
EAN: 5039036056663
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Day of The Triffids (1963) [DVD]

Actors: Nicole Maurey, Howard Keel, Janette Scott
Director: Steve Sekely
Format: DVD
Studio: Screenbound Pictures
Released: 17 April 2019
Rank: 2911
EAN: 5060425351083
EAN 5050582518900

This Island Earth [DVD] [1955]

Actors: Jeff Morrow, Faith Domergue, Rex Reason, Lance Fuller, Russell Johnson
Director: Joseph Newman
Format: DVD
Studio: Universal Pictures UK
Released: 04 February 2008
Rank: 6822
EAN: 5050582518900
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Earth vs. the Flying Saucers [DVD] [1956]

Actors: Hugh Marlowe, Joan Taylor, Donald Curtis, Morris Ankrum, John Zaremba
Director: Fred F. Sears
Format: DVD
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Released: 14 October 2002
Rank: 21997
EAN: 5035822110236
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War Of The Worlds (2 Disc Special Edition) [2005] [DVD]

Actors: Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins, Miranda Otto, Justin Chatwin
Director: Steven Spielberg
Format: DVD
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment (UK)
Released: 14 November 2005
Rank: 3200
Discs: 2
EAN: 5014437888334
EAN 8717774231128

Them [ 1954 ] Uncut + Extra's

Actors: James Whitmore, James Arness, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, Onslow Stevens
Director: Douglas Gordon
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner
Rank: 20334
EAN: 8717774231128
EAN 7321900669122

Forbidden Planet: 50th Anniversary Two-Disc Special Edition [DVD] [1956] [1957]

Actors: Walter Pidgeon, Leslie Nielsen, Anne Francis, Jack Kelly, Earl Holliman
Director: Fred McLeod Wilcox
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Home Video
Released: 18 June 2007
Rank: 12254
EAN: 7321900669122
EAN 5050582409734

It Came from Outer Space [DVD]

Actors: Richard Carlson, Barbara Rush, Charles Drake, Kathleen Hughes, Russell Johnson
Director: Jack Arnold
Format: DVD
Studio: Universal Pictures UK
Released: 06 February 2006
Rank: 27483
EAN: 5050582409734
EAN 0887936533334

The Time Machine [DVD] [1960]

Actors: Rod Taylor, Alan Young, Yvette Mimieux, Sebastian Cabot, Tom Helmore
Director: George Pal
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Home Video
Released: 28 June 2013
Rank: 31355
EAN: 0887936533334
EAN 5014437819338

When Worlds Collide [DVD] [1951]

Actors: Richard Derr, Barbara Rush, Peter Hansen, John Hoyt, Larry Keating
Director: Rudolph Maté
Format: DVD
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment
Released: 23 September 2002
Rank: 31218
EAN: 5014437819338