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The Laurel & Hardy Collection


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Laurel & Hardy - Air Raid Wardens / Nothing but Trouble

Actors: Stan Laurel, Sam Taylor, Oliver Hardy, Edgar Kennedy, Jacqueline White
Director: Edward Sedgwick
Format: DVD
Studio: WarnerBrothers
Released: 21 November 2006
Rank: 26070
EAN: 0012569794597
List Price: $13.40
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Laurel & Hardy: The Essential Collection

Actors: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Lewis, Tim Conway
Director: -
Format: DVD
Studio: RHI Entertainment
Released: 25 October 2011
Rank: 2047
Discs: 10
EAN: 0883476060217
List Price: $99.98
EAN 0844503000590

March of the Wooden Soldiers (Colorized / Black & White)

Actors: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy
Directors: Gus Meins, Charles Rogers
Format: DVD
Studio: Legend Films
Released: 27 July 2008
Rank: 4471
EAN: 0844503000590
List Price: $9.95
EAN 0191329065037

The Invisible Man: Complete Legacy Collection [Blu-ray]

Actors: Claude Rains, Vincent Price, Virginia Bruce, Ilona Massey, Jon Hall
Directors: Ford Beebe, Joe May, A. Edward Sutherland, Edwin L. Marin, Charles Lamont
Format: Blu-ray
Studio: Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Released: 28 August 2018
Rank: 151
Discs: 4
EAN: 0191329065037
List Price: $39.98

TCM Archives: The Laurel and Hardy Collection (The Devil's Brother / Bonnie Scotland)

Format: DVD
Rank: 215260
EAN 0728665162061

Laurel & Hardy: Flying Deuces + Utopia

Format: DVD
Rank: 104623
EAN: 0728665162061
EAN 0025192112690

Ma & Pa Kettle Complete Comedy Collection

Actors: Fred MacMurray, Percy Kilbride, Claudette Colbert, Marjorie Main
Format: DVD
Studio: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
Released: 27 September 2011
Rank: 992
Discs: 5
EAN: 0025192112690
List Price: $12.63
EAN 0844503002181

The Flying Deuces (Colorized / Black & White)

Actors: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Jean Parker
Directors: A. Edward Sutherland, Barry Sandrew
Format: DVD
Studio: Legend Films,Inc
Released: 19 June 2012
Rank: 27279
EAN: 0844503002181
List Price: $9.95
EAN 0025192361906

The Munsters: The Complete Series

Actors: Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, Butch Patrick, Pat Priest
Format: DVD
Studio: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
Released: 13 September 2016
Rank: 313
Discs: 12
EAN: 0025192361906
List Price: $19.99
EAN 0043396398207

The Three Stooges: The Ultimate Collection

Actors: Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Shemp Howard, Joe Besser
Format: DVD
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Released: 05 June 2012
Rank: 1715
Discs: 20
EAN: 0043396398207
List Price: $51.99