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How the West Was Won (Three-Disc Special Edition)


EAN 9780783276793


Actors: James Stewart, Katharine Ross, Jim McMullan, James Best, Doug McClure
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Format: DVD
Studio: Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Released: 06 May 2003
Rank: 4774
EAN: 9780783276793
List Price: $12.25
EAN 9780792849230

The Big Country

Actors: Gregory Peck, Jean Simmons, Carroll Baker, Charlton Heston, Burl Ives
Director: William Wyler
Format: DVD
Studio: MGM (Video & DVD)
Released: 20 March 2001
Rank: 5221
EAN: 9780792849230
List Price: $7.97
EAN 0025192195914

Centennial: The Complete Series

Actors: Richard Chamberlain, Robert Conrad, Timothy Dalton, Mark Harmon, Andy Griffith
Format: DVD
Studio: Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Released: 08 October 2013
Rank: 2056
Discs: 6
EAN: 0025192195914
List Price: $34.98
EAN 0032429265388

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Actors: James Stewart, John Wayne
Format: DVD
Studio: Paramount
Released: 07 February 2017
Rank: 4220
EAN: 0032429265388
List Price: $6.99
EAN 0024543436799

Broken Arrow '50

Actors: James Stewart, Jeff Chandler, Debra Paget, Basil Ruysdael, Will Geer
Director: Delmer Daves
Format: DVD
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Released: 22 May 2007
Rank: 13099
EAN: 0024543436799
List Price: $13.47
EAN 0883316346136

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Actors: Debbie Reynolds, Harve Presnell, Ed Begley, Jack Kruschen, Hermione Baddeley
Director: Charles Walters
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Archive
Released: 12 September 2011
Rank: 3458
EAN: 0883316346136
List Price: $17.99
EAN 0025192137716

4 Movie Marathon: James Stewart Western Collection (Bend of the River / The Far Country / Night Passage / The Rare Breed)

Actors: James Stewart, Rock Hudson, John McIntire, Maureen O'Hara, Audie Murphy
Directors: Anthony Mann, James Neilson, Andrew V. McLaglen
Format: DVD
Studio: Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Released: 13 March 2012
Rank: 1243
Discs: 2
EAN: 0025192137716
List Price: $5.19
EAN 0032429281777

Once Upon a Time in the West

Actors: Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson
Format: DVD
Studio: Paramount
Released: 12 September 2017
Rank: 4576
EAN: 0032429281777
List Price: $8.99
EAN 0032429257673

Paint Your Wagon (Domestic)

Actors: Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood
Format: DVD
Studio: Paramount
Released: 29 August 2017
Rank: 3739
EAN: 0032429257673
List Price: $12.98
EAN 0883929322411

How the West Was Won: Season 1

Actor: Various
Director: Various
Format: DVD
Studio: WarnerBrothers
Released: 09 July 2013
Rank: 14222
Discs: 2
EAN: 0883929322411
List Price: $19.98