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We're trying to make it as easy as possible to take BookButler wherever you go on the Web.

OpenSearch is a feature in most modern browsers that allows you to invoke a search engine of your choice right in your browsers interface.

Why use OpenSearch?

The web is a big place, and search engines that crawl the surface of the web are picking up only a small fraction of the great content that is out there. Moreover, some of the richest and most interesting content can not even be crawled and indexed by one search engine or navigated by one relevancy algorithm alone.

Different types of content require different types of search engines. The best search engine for a particular type of content is frequently the search engine written by the people that know the content the best.

OpenSearch helps search engines and search clients communicate by introducing a common set of formats to perform search requests and syndicate search results.
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Where can I use OpenSearch?

Testing has been carried out in the following web browsers:

Note: Other web browsers may well be supported, please use the contact form if you are using a platform not mentioned.

Quick Start

  1. Install the OpenSearch plugin using one of the flags below
  2. Select the BookButler search engine in your search bar
  3. Type your search terms into the search bar and go

If ever there is a need to update our OpenSearch plugin, changes will be announced on this page, so you should check back often to make sure.

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The BookButler Firefox extension is now officially unsupported though functionality should remain we will be unable to release any updates to make way for a new extension currently being developed.