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1. ISBN 078647730X Zoom

Bram Stoker's Notes for Dracula: A Facsimile Edition

Bram StokerAnnotated and Transcribed by Robert Eighteen-BisangElizabeth Miller
2. ISBN 1476666091 Zoom

Hornet 33: Memoir of a Combat Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam

Ed Denny
3. ISBN 0786444266 Zoom

The Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History

Kevin M. Sullivan
4. ISBN 1476670404 Zoom

W.D. Ehrhart in Conversation: Vietnam, America and the Written Word

Jean-Jacques Malo
5. ISBN 078646397X Zoom

The Deaf Community in America: History in the Making

Melvia M. NomelandRonald E. NomelandForeword by Trudy Suggs
6. ISBN 1476667446 Zoom

The United States Football League, 1982-1986

Paul ReethsForeword by Steve Ehrhart
7. ISBN 0786499257 Zoom

The Hump: The 1st Battalion, 503rd Airborne Infantry, in the First Major Battle of the Vietnam War

Al Conetto
8. ISBN 1476665427 Zoom

The Weaponizing of Biology: Bioterrorism, Biocrime and Biohacking

Marc E. Vargo
9. ISBN 0786430605 Zoom

High School Journalism: A Practical Guide

Jim Streisel
10. ISBN 1476664978 Zoom

Appalachian State Silences the Big House: Behind the Greatest Upset in College Football History

David J. MarminsSteven K. Feit
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