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Treasury of Secrets: a Passport to a New Way of Life

Gayelord Hauser
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The Lottery. The Adventures of James Harris

Jackson Shirley
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Look Younger, Live Longer

Gayelord Hauser
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Seed Money: The Guggenheim story

Milton Lomask
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Voices from the Inaudible: The Patients Speak

Theodor Reik
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The Story of American Golf: Its Champions and Its Championships

Herbert Warren Wind
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The Tender Men. [a novel of contemporary America]

Willa. Gibbs
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Bishop Healy: Beloved Outcaste

Albert S. Foley
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Shikar and Safari: Reminiscences of Jungle Hunting

Edison Marshall
10. ASIN B0000CM2CE

Mortal Wound

Raffaele; translated by Waldman, Marguerite La Capria
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