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4 Texts on Socrates: Plato's Euthyphro, Apology of Socrates, Crito and Aristophanes' Clouds, Revised Edition

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The Racial Contract

Charles W. Mills
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Introduction to Manuscript Studies

Raymond ClemensTimothy Graham
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The Archaeology of Greece: An Introduction, 2nd Edition

William R. Biers
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From Reliable Sources: An Introduction to Historical Methods

Martha C. HowellWalter Prevenier
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Guide to Methods for Students of Political Science

Stephen Van Evera
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Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice

Jack Donnelly
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Nations and Nationalism, Second Edition (New Perspectives on the Past)

Ernest Gellner
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The Birds of Ecuador: Field Guide

Robert S. RidgelyPaul J. Greenfield
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Rebel Power: Why National Movements Compete, Fight, and Win (Cornell Studies in Security Affairs)

Peter Krause
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