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21. ISBN 8186569332 Zoom

Sacred Music: Its Origins, Powers, and Future - Traditional Music in Today's World

Ram AlexanderAtmanandaAlain Danielou
22. ISBN 1458413934 Zoom

Amy Winehouse: Pro Vocal Women's Edition Volume 55

Amy Winehouse
23. ISBN 142345183X Zoom

Patsy Cline: Pro Vocal Women's Edition Volume 22 (Pro Vocal Series)

Patsy Cline
24. ISBN 0253217296 Zoom

Muslim Women Sing: Hausa Popular Song (African Expressive Cultures)

Beverly B. Mack
25. ISBN 1890772380 Zoom

Dance Was Her Religion: The Sacred Choreography of Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis and Martha Graham

Janet Lynn Roseman
26. ISBN 0195132955 Zoom

Holy Concord within Sacred Walls: Nuns and Music in Siena, 1575-1700

Colleen Reardon
27. ISBN 1612612997 Zoom

The Chants of the Holy Spirit

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The Woman's Hymnal: A Collection of Sacred Lyrics Set to Music and Arranged as Duets for Soprano and Alto, (Tenor and Bass Ad Libitum); For the Use of ... College of Baltimore (Classic Reprint)

Henry Schwing
29. ISBN 1878822594 Zoom

American Women Composers before 1870

Judith Tick
30. ISBN 1107043824 Zoom

Verdi, Opera, Women (Cambridge Studies in Opera)

Susan Rutherford
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