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11. ISBN 1461062535 Zoom

Dances with Fire: A Woman enters Forbidden Apache Sacred Lands finding Ghosts of the Past, Love in the present and Death

Frank L. Hicks Jr.
12. ISBN 9780231148054 Zoom

Gilbert and Sullivan: Gender, Genre, Parody (Gender and Culture Series)

Carolyn Williams
13. ISBN 1412040213 Zoom

Dance of the Sacred Spiral of Life, Book 1

14. ISBN 1890772380 Zoom

Dance Was Her Religion: The Spiritual Choreography of Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis and Martha Graham

Janet Lynn Roseman
15. ISBN 9788186569337 Zoom

Sacred Music: Its Origins, Powers, and Future - Traditional Music in Today's World

Ram AlexanderAtmanandaAlain Danielou
16. ISBN 1936688700 Zoom

Sisters in Song: Women Hymn Writers

Leslie Clay
17. ISBN 0252077628 Zoom

The Miriam Tradition: Teaching Embodied Torah

Cia Sautter
18. ISBN 1458413934 Zoom

Amy Winehouse: Pro Vocal Women's Edition Volume 55

Amy Winehouse
19. ISBN 0375707123 Zoom

Cinderella and Company: Backstage at the Opera with Cecilia Bartoli

Manuela Hoelterhoff
20. ISBN 0810877422 Zoom

Women of Influence in Contemporary Music: Nine American Composers

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