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Black Opera: History, Power, Engagement

Naomi Andre
2. ISBN 9780253217899 Zoom

Voicing Gender: Castrati, Travesti, and the Second Woman in Early-Nineteenth-Century Italian Opera (Musical Meaning and Interpretation)

Naomi André
3. ISBN 0252080432 Zoom

Blackness in Opera

4. ISBN 0764584995 Zoom

MTV Europe (MTV Guides)

Lauren BergerNaomi BlackAri CohenValerie ConnersChristi DaughertyTaryn FirkserFernando GayeskyKitty HallSylvie HoggAndre Legaspi

Twice A Year: A Book of Literature, the Arts and Civil Liberties, Double Number Twelve-Thirteen (Spring-Summer, Fall-Winter 1945)

Dorothy, editor. Contributions by Richard Wright, Lewis Mumford, Muriel Rukeyser, Naomi Replansky, Andre Malraux, Ansel Adams, et al Norman
6. ISBN 0246132256

Help Your Child to Write: No. 1-6: Frog and Friends (The Dragon Books)

Naomi ThorntonAndre Amstutz
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Simon's Pieman (Help Your Child to Write)

Naomi Thornton