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Blackness in Opera

2. ISBN 025321789X Zoom

Voicing Gender: Castrati, Travesti, and the Second Woman in Early-Nineteenth-Century Italian Opera (Musical Meaning and Interpretation)

Naomi André
3. ISBN 0252083571

Black Opera: History, Power, Engagement

Naomi Andre
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MTV Europe (MTV Guides)

Lauren BergerNaomi BlackAri CohenValerie ConnersChristi DaughertyTaryn FirkserFernando GayeskyKitty HallSylvie HoggAndre Legaspi

Twice A Year: A Book of Literature, the Arts and Civil Liberties, Double Number Twelve-Thirteen (Spring-Summer, Fall-Winter 1945)

Dorothy, editor. Contributions by Richard Wright, Lewis Mumford, Muriel Rukeyser, Naomi Replansky, Andre Malraux, Ansel Adams, et al Norman
6. ISBN 0246132256

Help Your Child to Write: No. 1-6: Frog and Friends (The Dragon Books)

Naomi ThorntonAndre Amstutz
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Simon's Pieman (Help Your Child to Write)

Naomi Thornton