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Toxic Avenger 3 [VHS]


EAN 0010083086037

The Toxic Avenger Part 2

Format: VHS Tape
Rank: 375871
EAN: 0010083086037
EAN 9786304369203

The Toxic Avenger (Unrated Director's Cut Collector's Edition) [VHS]

Actors: Andree Maranda, Mitch Cohen, Jennifer Prichard, Cindy Manion, Robert Prichard
Directors: Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz
Format: VHS Tape
Released: 01 April 1997
Rank: 364666
EAN: 9786304369203
EAN 9786301971751

Motel Hell [VHS]

Actors: Rory Calhoun, Paul Linke, Nancy Parsons, Nina Axelrod, Wolfman Jack
Director: Kevin Connor
Format: VHS Tape
Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Released: 30 September 1992
Rank: 148571
EAN: 9786301971751
List Price: $12.99
EAN 9780792846710

Killer Klowns From Outer Space [VHS]

Actors: Grant Cramer, Suzanne Snyder, John Allen Nelson, John Vernon, Michael S. Siegel
Director: Stephen Chiodo
Format: VHS Tape
Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Released: 17 July 2001
Rank: 163635
EAN: 9780792846710
List Price: $9.94