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Arsene Lupin Double Feature DVD-R


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Raffles Double Feature

Actors: Tomas Arana, David Niven, Spencer Treat Clark, Ronald Colman, Russell Crowe
Directors: Harry D'Abbadie D'Arrast, George Fitzmaurice, Sam Wood
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Archive Collection
Released: 26 August 2014
Rank: 91674
EAN: 0888574085117
List Price: $21.99
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John J. Malone Mystery Double Feature

Actors: Pat O'Brien, Marjorie Main, George Murphy, James Whitmore, Ann Dvorak
Directors: Norman Taurog, Eddie Sutherland
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Archive Collection
Released: 05 May 2015
Rank: 44223
EAN: 0888574143633
List Price: $21.99
EAN 0888574346461

Mad Genius, The

Actors: John Barrymore, Marian Marsh, Charles Butterworth, Donald Cook, Boris Karloff
Director: Michael Curtiz
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Archive Collection
Released: 20 October 2015
Rank: 62037
EAN: 0888574346461
List Price: $21.99
EAN 0888574388904

Bulldog Drummond Double Feature

Actor: Ronald Colman
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Archive Collection
Released: 05 April 2016
Rank: 20076
EAN: 0888574388904
List Price: $21.99
EAN 0043396523647

Crooked House

Actors: Max Irons, Stefanie Martini, Glenn Close, Christina Hendricks, Gillian Anderson
Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner
Format: DVD
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Released: 16 January 2018
Rank: 1137
EAN: 0043396523647
List Price: $19.99
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Actors: John Barrymore, Bebe Daniels, Doris Kenyon
Director: William Wyler
Format: DVD
Studio: Universal
Released: 21 June 2016
Rank: 94883
EAN: 0025192365799
List Price: $19.98
EAN 0888574432515

Man Who Came To Dinner, The

Actors: Bette Davis, Ann Sheridan, Monty Woolley, Richard Travis, Jimmy Durante
Director: William Keighley
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Archive Collection
Released: 23 August 2016
Rank: 20650
EAN: 0888574432515
List Price: $17.99
EAN 0054961265695

Murdoch Mysteries: Series 11

Actors: Hélène Joy, Jonny Harris, Thomas Craig, Yannick Bisson
Directors: Alison Reid, Don McCutcheon, Gary Harvey, Harvey Crossland, Laurie Lynd
Format: DVD
Released: 31 July 2018
Rank: 131
Discs: 5
EAN: 0054961265695
List Price: $59.99
EAN 0883316648117

Perry Mason Mysteries: The Original Warner Bros. Movies Collection

Actors: Warren William, Ricardo Cortez, Donald Woods, Mary Astor, Errol Flynn
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Archive
Released: 23 October 2012
Rank: 9021
Discs: 3
EAN: 0883316648117
List Price: $29.99
EAN 0883316781906

Fast Company/Fast and Loose/Fast and Furious-Triple Feature

Actors: Melvyn Douglas and Florence Rice, Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell, Franchot Tone, Ann Sothern
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Archive
Released: 16 April 2013
Rank: 39776
EAN: 0883316781906
List Price: $21.99