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Miss Potter


EAN 9781250094193

Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature

Author: Linda Lear
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Published: 31 May 2016
Rank: 98721
Pages: 608
ISBN: 9781250094193
List Price: $23.99
EAN 0786936839739

Saving Mr. Banks

Actors: Emma Thompson, Tom Hanks, Paul Giamatti
Director: John Lee Hancock
Format: DVD
Studio: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Released: 18 March 2014
Rank: 947
EAN: 0786936839739
List Price: $14.99
EAN 0014381675528

The Lightkeepers

Actors: Richard Dreyfuss, Blythe Danner, Bruce Dern, Tom Wisdom, Mamie Gummer
Director: Daniel Adams
Format: DVD
Released: 16 November 2010
Rank: 4125
EAN: 0014381675528
List Price: $14.98
EAN 0024543435570

Goodbye Christopher Robin

Actors: Domhnall Gleeson, Margot Robbie, Kelly MacDonald
Director: Simon Curtis
Format: DVD
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Released: 23 January 2018
Rank: 2277
EAN: 0024543435570
List Price: $14.98
EAN 0025195016230

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Widescreen & Full Screen Edition)

Actors: Frances McDormand, Amy Adams, Lee Pace, Shirley Henderson, Tim Potter
Director: Bharat Nalluri
Format: DVD
Studio: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
Released: 19 August 2008
Rank: 14495
EAN: 0025195016230
List Price: $9.99
EAN 9781452151274

The Art of Beatrix Potter: Sketches, Paintings, and Illustrations

Author: Emily Zach
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Published: 22 November 2016
Rank: 43395
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781452151274
List Price: $40.00
EAN 0191329040959

The Man Who Invented Christmas(DVD)

Actors: Dan Stevens, Christopher Plummer, Jonathan Pryce
Director: Bharat Nalluri
Format: DVD
Studio: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
Released: 06 March 2018
Rank: 4426
EAN: 0191329040959
List Price: $19.98
EAN 9781404914339

Ladies in Lavender

Actors: Timothy Bateson, Geoffrey Bayldon, Daniel Bruhl, Freddie Jones, Clive Russell
Director: Charles Dance
Format: DVD
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Released: 06 December 2005
Rank: 2796
EAN: 9781404914339
List Price: $14.99
EAN 0043396334106

The Young Victoria

Actors: Emily Blunt, Rupert Friend
Format: DVD
Studio: Sony Pictures
Released: 20 April 2010
Rank: 6083
EAN: 0043396334106
List Price: $9.99
EAN 9781909881808

The Story of Beatrix Potter

Author: Sarah Gristwood
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: National Trust
Published: 01 August 2016
Rank: 311059
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9781909881808
List Price: $27.95