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Modulations: Cinema for the Ear


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Put the Needle on the Record

Actors: Mark Lewis, Christopher Lawrence, Jason Bentley
Director: Jason Rem
Format: DVD
Studio: Mvd Visual
Released: 19 September 2006
Rank: 199557
EAN: 0022891452096
List Price: $12.95
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Better Living Through Circuitry

Actors: Moby, Lord T. Byron, McGuinnes, Lady Galore, Shai De La Luna
Director: Jon Reiss
Format: DVD
Studio: Mvd Visual
Released: 21 November 2000
Rank: 145448
EAN: 0022891066699
List Price: $9.95
EAN 0760137666592

High Tech Soul: The Creation Of Techno Music

Actors: Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Eddie (Flashin) Fowlkes, Richie Hawtin
Format: DVD
Studio: Mvd Visual
Released: 10 February 2015
Rank: 191793
EAN: 0760137666592
List Price: $16.95
EAN 0883629934617

Liquid Vinyl

Director: Taylor Neary
Format: DVD
Studio: CreateSpace
Released: 20 May 2009
Rank: 194408
EAN: 0883629934617
List Price: $14.99
EAN 0720229916622

I Dream of Wires

Actors: Trent Reznor, Gary Numan, Carl Craig
Directors: Robert Fantinatto, Jason Amm
Format: DVD
Studio: First Run Features
Released: 04 August 2015
Rank: 18244
EAN: 0720229916622
List Price: $19.95