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The Romany Trail, Part 2 - Gypsy Music into Europe


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The Romany Trail, Part 1 - Gypsy Music into Africa

Director: Jeremy Marre
Format: DVD
Studio: Shanchie Records
Released: 24 September 2002
Rank: 99408
EAN: 0016351121097
List Price: $22.97
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Latcho Drom

Director: Tony Gatlif
Format: DVD
Rank: 47010
EAN: 8809154137660
List Price: $23.99
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Actors: Marc LaVoine, Marie-Josée Croze, James Thiérrée, Mathias Laliberté
Director: Tony Gatlif
Format: DVD
Studio: Lorber Films
Released: 14 June 2011
Rank: 152661
EAN: 0738329077426
List Price: $23.83
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A People Uncounted: The Untold Story of the Roma

Actors: Aladar Adam, Bill Duna, Dr. Frank Chalk, Traian Grancea, Magda Matache
Director: Aaron Yeger
Format: DVD
Studio: First Run Features
Released: 07 October 2014
Rank: 58692
EAN: 0720229916226
List Price: $17.67
EAN 9781902806051

Gypsies and Flamenco: The Emergence of the Art of Flamenco in Andalusia, Interface Collection Volume 6

Author: Bernard Leblon
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: University Of Hertfordshire Press
Published: 01 November 2003
Rank: 1311351
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781902806051
List Price: $19.95
EAN 0883629748139

Lucumi: The Rumbero of Cuba (Home Use)

Director: Tony Gatlif
Format: DVD
Studio: Phoenix Learning Group, Inc.
Released: 05 October 2009
Rank: 212062
EAN: 0883629748139
List Price: $24.99