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Muscle Shoals


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The Wrecking Crew

Actors: The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley
Director: Denny Tedesco
Format: DVD
Studio: Magnolia Home Entertainment
Released: 16 June 2015
Rank: 8443
Discs: 2
EAN: 0876964008549
List Price: $9.33
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Standing in the Shadows of Motown

Actors: Joe Hunter, Jack Ashford, Uriel Jones, Richard 'Pistol' Allen, Bob Babbitt
Director: Paul Justman
Format: DVD
Studio: Lions Gate
Released: 22 April 2003
Rank: 7381
Discs: 2
EAN: 0012236137801
List Price: $9.98
EAN 0013132609041

20 Feet from Stardom

Actors: Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer, Judith Hill
Format: DVD
Released: 14 January 2014
Rank: 6762
EAN: 0013132609041
List Price: $9.99
EAN 0054961252190

Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music

Actors: Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, Dave Grohl, Elton John, Joni Mitchell
Directors: Jeff Dupre, Maro Chermayeff
Format: DVD
Released: 29 November 2016
Rank: 36629
Discs: 3
EAN: 0054961252190
List Price: $29.66
EAN 0603497998944

Atlantic Records: The House That Ahmet Built

Actors: Ahmet Ertegun, Bette Midler, Ruth Brown, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton
Director: Susan Steinberg
Format: DVD
Studio: Rhino
Released: 12 June 2007
Rank: 49992
EAN: 0603497998944
List Price: $10.98
EAN 0602537548651

Muscle Shoals Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Artist: Various Artists
Label: Republic
Format: Audio CD
Released: 24 September 2013
Rank: 44485
EAN: 0602537548651
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Respect Yourself: The Stax Records Story

Format: DVD
Studio: Stax
Released: 02 October 2007
Rank: 30223
EAN: 0888072703292
List Price: $19.98
EAN 0887654589590

Sound City

Actor: Sound City-Real To Reel
Director: Dave Grohl
Format: DVD
Studio: Sony Legacy
Released: 12 March 2013
Rank: 11758
EAN: 0887654589590
List Price: $18.98
EAN 0043396315129

It Might Get Loud

Actors: Jimmy Page, The Edge, Jack White, The Edge
Director: Davis Guggenheim
Format: DVD
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Released: 22 December 2009
Rank: 27831
EAN: 0043396315129
List Price: $14.99
EAN 0876964006194

Good Ol' Freda

Actors: Freda Kelly, Paul McCartney, John Lennon
Director: Ryan White
Format: DVD
Studio: Magnolia Home Entertainment
Released: 03 December 2013
Rank: 20057
EAN: 0876964006194
List Price: $13.97