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Fire Maidens of Outer Space


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Devil Girl From Mars

Actors: Patricia Laffan, Hazel Court, Adrienne Corri, Hugh McDermott
Director: David MacDonald
Format: DVD
Studio: Osiris Entertainment LLC.
Released: 17 March 2010
Rank: 74420
EAN: 0885444298011
List Price: $6.98
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Cave Women on Mars

Director: Christopher R. Mihm
Format: DVD
Studio: Saint Euphoria Pictures/All for George Productions
Released: 06 May 2008
Rank: 18526
EAN: 0877694006423
List Price: $11.99
EAN 0085391145103

Queen of Outer Space

Actors: Zsa Zsa Gabor, Eric Fleming, Dave Willock, Laurie Mitchell, Lisa Davis
Director: Edward Bernds
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Home Video
Released: 26 June 2007
Rank: 37456
EAN: 0085391145103
List Price: $14.98
EAN 0827421000774

Red Planet Mars

Actors: Peter Graves, Andrea King, Herbert Berghof, Walter Sande, Marvin Miller
Director: Harry Horner
Format: DVD
Studio: Cheezy Flicks Ent
Released: 05 December 2006
Rank: 65413
EAN: 0827421000774
List Price: $7.99
EAN 0683904540447

Vintage Sci-Fi Movies - 6 Movie Collection

Actors: Gene Berry, Valerie French, Ken Clark, Michi Kobi, Cesare Danova
Director: Various
Format: DVD
Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment
Released: 21 July 2015
Rank: 3855
Discs: 2
EAN: 0683904540447
List Price: $8.99
EAN 0011301681560

Movies 4 You - Sci Fi Classics (The Man from Planet X/Beyond the Time Barrier/The Time Travelers/The Angry Red Planet)

Actors: Robert Clarke, Gerald Mohr
Directors: Ib Melchior, Edgar G. Ulmer
Format: DVD
Studio: Shout! Factory / Timeless Media
Released: 03 September 2013
Rank: 7333
EAN: 0011301681560
List Price: $5.95
EAN 0883316397053

Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman (1958)

Actors: Allison Hayes, William Hudson, Yvette Vickers
Format: DVD
Studio: Warner Archive
Released: 10 November 2011
Rank: 30883
EAN: 0883316397053
List Price: $17.99
EAN 0089218405999

Killers From Space

Actors: Peter Graves, James Seay, Steve Pendleton, Frank Gerstle, John Frederick
Director: W. Lee Wilder
Format: DVD
Studio: Alpha Video
Released: 22 October 2002
Rank: 92082
EAN: 0089218405999
List Price: $5.98
EAN 0887090039703

The Space Children

Actors: Michel Ray, Jackie Coogan, Ty Hardin, Russell Johnson, Adam Williams
Director: Jack Arnold
Format: DVD
Studio: Olive Films
Released: 19 June 2012
Rank: 107922
EAN: 0887090039703
EAN 0025192262845

The Deadly Mantis

Actors: Craig Stevens, William Hopper, Alix Talton
Director: Nathan Juran
Format: DVD
Studio: Universal
Released: 16 October 2014
Rank: 19698
EAN: 0025192262845
List Price: $14.98