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The Panama Deception


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The War on Democracy

Actor: John Pilger
Director: John Pilger
Format: DVD
Studio: Bullfrog Films
Released: 01 January 2007
Rank: 117553
EAN: 0761326751525
List Price: $19.95
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South of the Border

Actors: Tariq Ali, Raul Castro, Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa, Cristina Kirchner
Director: Oliver Stone
Format: DVD
Studio: Cinema Libre Studio
Released: 26 October 2010
Rank: 83761
EAN: 0881394110120
List Price: $11.99
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The Trials of Henry Kissinger

Actors: Brian Cox, Henry Kissinger, Anna Chennault, Amy Goodman, Alexander Haig
Director: Eugene Jarecki
Format: DVD
Studio: First Run Features
Released: 19 August 2003
Rank: 121536
EAN: 0720229910736
List Price: $14.95
EAN 9780979146909

The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders: U.S. Intelligence's Murderous Targeting of Tupac, MLK, Malcolm, Panthers, Hendrix, Marley, Rappers and Linked Ethnic Leftists

Author: John Potash
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Progressive Left Press
Published: October 2008
Rank: 82159
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9780979146909
List Price: $20.00
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Where To Invade Next

Actor: Michael Moore
Director: Michael Moore
Format: DVD
Released: 10 May 2016
Rank: 7789
EAN: 0013132644370
List Price: $14.99
EAN 0709629905191

Conspiracy - The Secret History: In Search of the American Drug Lords - Barry and the Boys, From Dallas To Mena

Actor: Narrator Daniel Hopsicker
Director: Daniel Hopsicker
Format: DVD
Studio: UFO Tv
Released: 03 February 2004
Rank: 144441
EAN: 0709629905191
List Price: $16.78
EAN 0883929398669

Untold History of the United States

Actor: Various
Director: Various
Format: DVD
Studio: WarnerBrothers
Released: 04 March 2014
Rank: 18466
Discs: 4
EAN: 0883929398669
List Price: $23.97
EAN 0709629905184

Conspiracy - The Secret History: The Secret Heartbeat of America, The C.I.A. and Drugs

Actor: Narrator Daniel Hopsicker
Director: Daniel Hopsicker
Format: DVD
Studio: UFO Tv
Released: 03 February 2004
Rank: 185777
EAN: 0709629905184
List Price: $18.76
EAN 0030306988498

Dirty Wars

Actor: Jeremy Scahill
Director: Rick Rowley
Format: DVD
Released: 15 October 2013
Rank: 55061
EAN: 0030306988498
List Price: $24.98
EAN 0876964011891

I Am Not Your Negro

Actors: Samuel L. Jackson, James Baldwin
Director: Raoul Peck
Format: DVD
Studio: Magnolia Home Entertainment
Released: 02 May 2017
Rank: 1246
EAN: 0876964011891
List Price: $26.98