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How Music Works

David Byrne
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Music: An Appreciation (B&B Music)

Roger Kamien
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How Music Works

David Byrne
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GUITAR:Guitar Lessons For Beginners, Simple Guide Through Easy Techniques, How T (Guitar, Beginners, Easy Techniques, Fretboard)

Tom Mahalo
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World Music: Traditions and Transformations (B&B Music)

Michael Bakan
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Musical Inventions: DIY Instruments to Toot, Tap, Crank, Strum, Pluck, and Switch On (Make:)

Kathy Ceceri
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Blues People: Negro Music in White America

Leroi Jones
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Music: A Social Experience

Steven CorneliusMary Natvig
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Excursions in World Music, 6th Edition

Bruno NettlTimothy RommenCharles CapwellIsabel K. F. WongThomas TurinoPhilip V. BohlmanByron Dueck
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Wayfaring Strangers: The Musical Voyage from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia

Fiona RitchieDoug Orr
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